Are You Insecure?

Ah yes the one word that will get under a guy and girls skin a lot. Well I want to share a little bit about this nice little word, are you insecure?


When you are in a relationship anyone can be insecure whether it’s emotional or being jealous in some cases. It really depends on what is going through your mind. Some relationships have come to an end because of someone being insecure, it is actually normal it seems nowadays in common relationships to be insecure for some reason. That sounds bad doesn’t it? Well it is, and I have been insecure in past relationships and I have learned well from it, or should I say jealous?


If you think you are in that battle or position then try and sort it out, I would say talk to your loved one but if he/she does not know then that can spark something in the future. But what I am trying to say is,  don’t let it ruin a healthy relationship or let it go sour. Nobody is perfect, we all know that. I think I might get in more depth on a topic like this in the future. Although I would need to gather more info or peoples opinion on it first.


If you want to share or ask me something regarding this, feel free to contact me and I would love to have a conversation on this sometime.

Stepping Past The Boundaries

Whether you are a guy or girl and you meet someone who you start having feelings for but they are in a relationship. Okay so this is not a bad thing as long as you keep your boundaries, we all do this from time to time in our lifetime but is it worth it, even if you score with what you are trying to get?


I write this because there is a girl who..well we will say I like her, but she has a boyfriend. So one of the main things you have to do is, making sure any contact is not excessive, and what I mean here is, you can say hey and what not, but when you are talking or texting for more than an hour then problems can arise. Lets say for example that if I were talking to this girl for more then 2 hours texting and her boyfriend noticed, well he’s gonna be curious what is going on for one, at least I would if my girlfriend was talking to another dude for awhile. The next thing is limit yourself. So today is Wednesday and lets say I talk to this girl today, and then we talk tomorrow, then Friday, well from what I learned in my past that you have to limit yourself on how many times a week you talk, unless she text me first, it’s neutral at that point.


Does it suck I like a girl who has a boyfriend? Well yes it does, but I’m not gonna try and be a guy who ruins everything because more than likely it will kill whatever friendship we already have, which I do not want to do that. If they were to breakup tomorrow then I would “maybe” pursue her but that is another post I will be making soon.

What is More Important?

So some of you may have noticed I have not been posting on here lately. Well to be honest, I have run out of material to post in a logical sense. I do have a little something I want to share with you all.

Back in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina is one of my favorite bars, it’s called Thomas Street Tavern. I won’t get into why it is my favorite or anything but what has happened to Thomas Street Tavern. In the past few years everyone has decided they want to go there now, everyone from your rich kids, emo scene to the homeless man asking for a beer (yes literally ).


Why does that even matter? Well how often do you see a girl who would be labeled “emo” with a “preppy rich kid”? Well you don’t see it often and I can get more into the combinations but I am sure you get what I am saying. In todays world the “labeled” people typically date or mess with their kind.


Okay so what does this have to with anything? Well I am the type of person who will talk to anyone, before I would not talk to certain types of people because I thought they were weird. But they are humans too you know. You never know by going to one you might just happen to make a good date or at least one night stand. Whatever works with you is fine by you.


Now I do have a standard  I will stick with, but I will make a few adjustments if the chemistry is right though. I guess we can say this post is more about talking to people who you normally would not talk to in public.

Do You Cook For Your Lady? (Thanks Steve)

Do you cook for your lady? And I am not talking about opening a bag of frozen pasta either. I am referring to taking the time and having to look up a few things (if needed) and making a good home cooked meal.

Why am I posting something like this you might ask? Well I love to cook for one and I am creative when I cook in the kitchen.  For the guys who do this, you know it requires prep time, good ingredients and last but not least, patience. Lets say you want to cook a filet mignon with homemade mashed potatoes with a wine reduction sauce. You are looking at at least an hour o f cook time, depending on if you are doing everything at once or cooking one thing at a time.

Big whoop only an hour? Well here is one way you can look at it, your lady will appreciate it for one, secondly you are taking your time and doing something special for her, thirdly you are being creative and showing you know how to cook stuff (besides boxed mac n cheese). Now I am not saying you have to cook her up something every night, but do it maybe once a week or twice. But be sure to be creative when you do. Personally I will watch YouTube for hours until I find something I know I will enjoy for one. But you have to make sure she will like it too, and make sure she is not allergic to anything you make. The last thing you want to do is have to rush your lady to the ER for having a swollen throat preventing her to breathe.

Thanks Steve? Who is Steve? Steve is a chef I watch on YouTube and he gives me ideas for what I can cook up at home for myself, a party or that night with the girlfriend in the future. You can watch his videos on YouTube, here is the link to his channel.

Missing What You Enjoyed

Hey everyone sorry I have not been on here in about a month or so. I have been busy for the past few weeks and what not. So getting down to the post, it is about something that happened a few nights ago. I was hanging out with a friend of mine, she is someone who I do like and would not dating her. We could not hangout at her place or mine because of reasons, so we hungout in her car. A little hangout turned into an adventure. At first we were talking, then we both got hungry, so why not get Chick-fil-A before they close? We then went back to where she lives and had our food and talked some more. Then we got on the topic of what we both want in a relationship.


After exchanging thoughts and what not on what we want and deserve in a relationship I found myself playing with her hair and she was brushing mine as well. Then the rain started to fall, which I did not know it was suppose to rain. Then we reclined the seats back and kept on talking, but with the “I want to kiss” look on both of our faces. We did not kiss at any point while we were together that night. But when I left I started playing music in the car, when it hit me. How long it had been since I had really one on one been with a girl alone. It had really made me depressed in a way, since I know I won’t ever get with this girl since she is seeing someone. But I keep  my head up strong wondering when the next opportunity is gonna be.

From City To Country (Story)

Imagine it being a very pleasant day in the Spring time, the days of going outside more are happening.  We can say it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and You and I get together at the park for the day. The wind is blowing just a little, just enough for your hair to hit my arm as we hold hands walking. We sit down on one of the park benches and start talking about how bitter of a Winter we had and how we are finally glad Spring time has arrived. After awhile we decide to walk around some more, but as the sun starts to set we decide to grab some dinner. We go to a local diner that we have loved since kids and never get anything different than from what we love. As we are eating, I tell you I have a surprise for you. Your eyes get big and look at me. Thinking I am showing you here and now, I tell you I have to take you to it.  Maybe an hour later or so we leave, going to my car so I can take us to what I had mentioned at dinner, we drive south, away from town. As Soon as we leave the city and county, you begin to wonder where I am taking you. I tell you “Not to worry, I think you’ll like this”. It’s about 7 PM and the sun is completely gone at this point, I make a turn off of the highway onto a dirt road. Moments later we arrive at what looks like someones house with a lot of land. You look out at a picnic table under a tree with string lighting all around it. We get out and I ask if you want a drink, before you can say anything you hear a POP sound and look behind to see me with a bubbly bottle of champagne. We both walk over to the picnic table and I pour us both a glass of wine. You ask me what is the occasion for the champagne, since it was not anything important today or recently. I just simply say as I slightly raise my glass, “Today is a celebration, like everyday for us being together and having the bond we have. The love for each other and the best times in our lives, I want to make a toast to the future for us both, and I love you”. You raise your glass and have our toast. “There is one reason I brought you here though” Apparently you have never been star gazing so that was more the reason to come to the middle of nowhere. The night breeze moves the leaves on the trees around and it begins to cool out a bit. I go in the trunk of my car and grab 2 blankets, we leave our champagne behind and hold hands on this field. We get about 500 yards away from where we were and I set one blanket down for us to lay on, and the other to keep us warm in case if it got cold.  So we both lay down holding hands watching the stars, you move closer to me, kiss me on the cheek and tell me you love me….

Asking Someone Out?

Asking the special someone out can be a difficult task at times, from when the time is rig ht, location and knowing that you both like each other enough and know each other enough.


So when should you ask her out? Hanging out at a park or playing games? Or maybe at dinner, well personally I think you should when the moment is right. Why do I say this? Well taking a girl out to dinner is nice and so on, but what if the girl you are itching to ask out has maybe had a really bad day.  Girls loved to be asked out by the right guy now, but what if her mind is not clear, she might say no but she really means yes?


It’s all about what do you see about her emotions. I asked my what is now ex girlfriend out while one day me and her were at a park on the swing set and i was pushing her, when we stopped we got close and our noses budged each other and I knew I had an good opportunity to ask her out right then and there. So yes I did, she said yes and we kissed at the moment.


But the real kicker here isn’t when do you ask, it’s do you ask? I am a victim to this and know quite a lot of people who are in relationships who just don’t simply ask but just start dating. It goes from the coffee shop smile to maybe dinner at the house with some wine to next thing you know, you are both shopping together and something. Then it might hit you when someone ask “how long have you been dating”? Some or maybe most will base it on first kiss, to first time sleeping together…I just wanted to throw that out there, it might not happen to you but I bet it has to someone you know.

Women Get Mad At The Dumbest Things.

The title of this post might be that women get mad, well actually I am mad at some.

Some of you might know I was seeing a girl, took her out on a date and had a fun time. Does that mean she is my girlfriend? No it does not and that means that  she can see other guys and I can see other girls right? Well so I had went out to  Starbucks here in Huntsville a few days ago and met a girl who I had been talking for awhile now.


Everything was going good, well until the girl I had took out happened to walk in. I tried my best not to notice her, well that did not go too well. She noticed me sitting down with a beautiful blonde girl laughing and having a good time.  All was well until I saw her walking over towards us, again I kept my cool until she said my name. I smiled and said hello back to her and introduced her to my “friend” who I was having coffee with. Needless to say she questioned my “status” with her. I said we were just friends and that I had a fun time and wanted to continue to see other people.


Apparently she had thought that after 1 date, we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Well NO! and then the girl who I was once having a good coffee date with looked like she wanted to get sick. Well after the girl left, I explained to the other girl I had taken her out and that was it. Well now she was thinking I was a “playa” and just wanted her for sex. It actually took until today for me and her to start talking again due to the fact she had gotten the wrong impression of me.


Will I see coffee girl again?  I do not know.

Will I see the crazy 1 date girl? Probably not.

Valentines Day Pt 2 (Story)

This is the latest story that I have written, please let me know if I made any mistakes or typos that Microsoft Word may have missed since I put this together fast.


The Calender shows it is February 14th, the day that love really sparks the air, today is a good day for us all. Like usual it would be a workday so things are normal until the moment you get off. It’s about 4:30 PM and the sun is saying goodbye yet once again and you see me calling. I ask if you are ready for a fun night. I tell you to head home and get ready to go out for dinner. The time shows 5:23 and I arrive at your house, holding a dozen of roses in my hand you open the door to see a well groomed me. We exchange smiles and hug each other saying “Happy Valentines Day sweetheart” I tell you I have a reservation at one of the nicer Italian places in town and ask if that is fine with you. You then smile big and say yes. So we leave in my car and I begin to play some love songs on the radio to get us in the mood. About 20 minutes later we arrive, after getting our table I order us both a bottle of wine. The place we are at is more of the fine dining side and we are surrounded by other couples who are enjoying the night. Knowing everyone looking happy makes me happy too. So after awhile we order our food and just talk about normal things like we normally do. So after a few more glasses of wine and our food, I order some dessert for us both. I also present a little gift for you as well. After we eat our dessert and enjoy the little bit of wine we have left, we decide to leave and head back to my place. Once we get back I make us a few drinks, make a fire in the fireplace, start some Frank Sinatra Love Songs music, light a few candles and dim the lights. We talk a little more and start watching a love movie that is on, during the commercials we would watch the fire and add more wood to it. Looking at your eyes with the light from the fire holding your drink is the most beautiful thing I have seen. We then continue to listen to the music and hear the fire roaring, we look at each other in the eyes, I set my drink on the table down followed by you and I get closer to you. Both smiling I take your hand and move my hand up to your shoulder and move closer and kiss you. We begin to kiss a little more and it seems as if the heat from the fireplace just went up significantly. I whisper in your ear “I love you” and then move your head to my ear and whisper “I love you too”. We then get up, taking the last sip from our drinks and decide to go in my room where  I have a few candles lit from earlier, sitting on the side of my bed I begin to rub my finger tips up and down your arm and hand. You look up at me and kiss me….

First Date, Second Date?

Hey everyone, hope your week is going good. Well I must say mine is going very good. Last night I went on a date with a girl who I had been talking to for awhile. We had a fun time, I won’t get into details or anything.


So now she wants to see me again..Well, I do too and this is where my brain is coming to a halt.  I am having a hard time trying to figure out where I should take her next. Yes I said it, The Hopeless Romantic has stalled out on a date! I blame it on the bitter cold weather we have been having and the lack of things to do in  Huntsville, Alabama.


So I am asking myself “Why can’t I think of somewhere to take her?” I blame this on the fact that I have not dated in awhile and I don’t want to go ahead and take her to the nicest place in town, not yet at least. But is this normal? Is it because I am racing my mind on things we can and maybe can do? Am I just trying to make this perfect? Well yes I am, but I need to do this step by step.


The good thing I like about this gal? She likes Romance, I told her how I love it. We have exchanged ideas and things we both want to do, to make an event really Romantic. I see hope finally..

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